AllerAir AirMed 3 Exec UV

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AllerAir AirMed 3 Exec UV ideal for smaller rooms such as the kitchen or on the go.
  •  The EXEC is used for focus on particulate matter.
  • The UV is used for added focus on germs.

The AirMed 3 Supreme is ideal for the filtration of chemicals and odors in smaller rooms. It has double the carbon filtration capacity of our AirMed 1 Supreme, as well as a super HEPA filter for particles. It’s ideal those who need more heavy-duty filtration, but are looking for a more compact unit than our best-selling Pro 5 air purifier.  

Special Features:

  • Large activated carbon filter with granular carbon for better filtration of chemical and odors. Most compact air purifiers only have a sprayed-on mesh carbon filter that saturates quickly.
  • Handle for portability.
  • 17% larger than the AirMed 1 & AirMed 3, more filtration capacity.
  • Double the carbon filtration capacity of our AirMed 1 Supreme.
  • Smaller footprint than our standard air cleaners.

This powerful air purifier can tackle small spaces at home or in the office as well as be used for travel.

Purchase with the special "Vocarb" carbon blend to remove VOCs or with the Exec Carbon Blend for odor, chemical and particle removal. Comes with or without UV germicidal light for advanced cleaning.

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