About Us

Airpurifiersforyou.com is an online retailer providing competitive prices on Purifiers, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers. We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop our online store. It is our goal to offer quality products accompanied with top-rated customer service.

Our family has been in the commercial construction and land-development business since 1989. We made the decision to launch our air purification branch years ago when in August of 1999 our own home burned down. After our house fire we utilized ozone machines and dehumidifiers to salvage a few precious items. The ozone machines and dehumidifiers were also used in an attempt to reclaim some of the original framing after water from the fire hoses saturated the wood. We were fascinated by the impact these machines had on the air and on the items they were treating, for lack of a better word. 

Additionally, like many people we know, we use portable air purifiers and humidifiers to make our children, who suffered from allergies, more comfortable. We also use dehumidifiers to keep our home fresh and comfortable.

In 2003, our youngest son started suffering from constant nose bleeds. At our family practitioner's recommendation we installed a whole-house humidifier. Based on personal experience, we know the products we provide loan value to one's lifestyle. The products we provide improve the air we breathe! Through the years we have utilized air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers and we have experienced the many benefits they provide.

Based on our experiences, in late 2018, our family decided to branch out, and we made the decision to open the first online division of our company and Air Purifiers For You was born. We believe that purifying and humidifying the air in your space does make a difference in comfort and health.

We are proud business owners with many reputable brick and mortar establishments. We have built our businesses through ethical and principled practices. You will find our online store follows the same moral code. We have a great team and aim to grow our business through the same exemplary customer-service driven practices we are known for in our brick and mortar businesses. We look forward to growing our online business by offering our customers the best Purifiers and Humidifiers available on the market today.

Air Purifiers For You is based in the USA. Our home office is located in the beautiful state of Utah. We also have satellite offices located nationwide. We distribute worldwide via FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail.

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you.

~The Crew @ Air Purifiers For You

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