How Do Air Purifiers Help Eliminate Pet Odors?

Posted on August 26, 2019

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In our last blog, we discussed the VOC air purifier and how it can be used to filter out harmful chemicals and fumes that are present in the environment. We know that air purifiers can help with alleviating allergies, but what about unpleasant smells? In this bog, we’ll explain how you can use our pet odor purifiers to eliminate pet odors from your home.

While owning a pet is one of life’s greatest joys, it can be problematic when you have to deal with pet odor in your home. Although you and your family may grow accustomed to the odors caused by pets and cease to notice them, guests are often all too aware, which makes for an awkward dinner party experience!

 You’re Not Alone states that roughly 35% of households have a cat and 44% of households have a dog; which means that many families deal with pet odors on a daily basis. Many of these families may not know that a good air purifier designed for dealing with pet odor could help relieve some of the lingering scents your furry family members can leave behind.

Air purifiers equipped with an Activated Carbon filter are specifically used for removing cat and dog odor. A HEPA filter is effective for dealing with pet dander but it doesn’t help to eliminate the scent that’s left behind.

 Where Do Pet Odors Come From?

There are a wide variety of causes for pet odors which can become an issue in the household:

  1. Health Problems: Depending on the health of your pet, you may be dealing with a skin or yeast infection that can cause an excess of foul odors. Without proper care and treatment for these conditions, they can become increasingly problematic both for your pet and those living with them.
  2. Dental Problems: More than 80% of cats and dogs will develop a dental disease by the age of 3. This is often the leading cause of bad breath for pets and is a common problem known to many pet owners. Since pets have a habit of grooming themselves as well as other members of the family, this often means that these foul odors are transferred around the house.
  3. Improper Grooming: As you can guess, the primary contributor to foul pet odor comes from not properly grooming and cleaning your pets. Dogs especially need to have proper washing routines since they’re not as skilled as cats when it comes to cleaning themselves. That being said, cats sometimes need some help as well.

 How Does a Pet Odor Air Purifier Help?

As mentioned above, the proper air filter can in fact help remove pet odors from your home. In order to do this effectively you must ensure that you’re using a proper activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon works by essentially grabbing onto chemicals in the air that carry pet odor and capturing them in the filter. This allows the clean air to pass through and the unwanted chemicals to get trapped in the filter itself. If you use a HEPA filter as well, the activated carbon filter will also help with catching dust, pet hair, and other particles, which in turn allows your HEPA filter to last longer.

We currently offer more than 10 different purifiers to help with removal of pet-related odors from your space. Don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions about these devices and how they can help you get the cleanest air possible.



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