Air Quality & Weight Gain?

Posted on March 23, 2020

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Air Quality & Weight Gain?

Is There A Link? If So, How Can You Ensure That You Fix It?

In today’s world, weight gain is always going to be a mainstream topic of conversation. And, with a variety of different workout routines, dieting options, and wellness techniques designed to help us better manage our own weight, could the real solution simply lie in the air that we breathe on a daily basis? Could it possibly be true that the air we breathe makes us gain weight? Well, studies show that there may be a link between air quality and weight gain – and if this link holds up, what can you do to ensure that you fix it?

Let’s take a look down below.

What Does the Research Say?

Studies currently suggest that pollution causes our body to trigger an inflammatory response in order to protect itself. However, this inflammatory response actually does more harm than good because it interferes with our hormones, it interferes with our bodies natural fighting response, and it interferes with the ways in which our brain regulates our appetites. So, pollution exposure can actually make us hungry? In a way, yes! 

There are billions of particles in the air at any given moment – some good and some bad. However, the pollutants that are found within the air that we breathe can actually cause elevated levels of something called “cytokines.” These are cells that our body produces to effectively wash our blood and clear it from toxins. However, with prolonged exposure to pollutants, it can actually trigger an incorrect immune cell response that eventually invades healthy tissue instead. For some people, this leads to conditions like insulin resistance. 

Interestingly enough, researchers at Columbia University took a look at children who grew up in the Bronx. The study included a sample of pregnant mothers who were asked to wear air quality measurement tools throughout their daily lives during the length of their pregnancies. These tools measured the air quality that these mothers were subjected to each and every day. Once their children were born, they were tracked and monitored for a period of seven years to determine the effects that air quality has on children. After controlling for factors such as socioeconomic status and diet, it was determined that children born in areas that were deemed more polluted were 2.3 times more likely to experience obesity at some point in their lives when compared to those living in less polluted areas. 

This finding is rather significant, considering the fact that it shows a clear link between air quality and weight gain. However, it’s also safe to say that more research needs to be conducted in order to not only replicate the findings of this study, but to also provide a bit more context into the types of pollutants that could be more dangerous than others. 

Additionally, new research from the University of Colorado Boulder suggests that breathing polluted or dirty air can tax our gut bacteria at higher than normal rates, leaving our bodies depleted of healthy bacteria needed to ward off gastrointestinal disorders and some chronic illnesses. The price our body is paying for breathing dirty or contaminated air is potentially an elevated risk for diabetes, obesity and other illnesses. It is not just the University of Colorado Boulder study that has made the link between weight gain and poor air quality either.

Site reference: University of Colorado at Boulder. "Can poor air quality make you gain weight? Study shows pollution harms gut bacteria, contributes to diabetes, obesity." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 12 March 2020. <>.

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Air Purifiers For You

Here at Air Purifiers For You, we want to assure all of our customers that we have the right air purification systems to meet your needs. Whether you’re concerned about the effects of pollutants on weight gain or on your overall health, we can pair you with the right system to suit your needs. We offer air purifiers for almost every budget.

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